How will we get the news?

Around mid-2000 while using my Palm to read a book and listen to music, it occurred to me when looking up and seeing a mass of newspapers, that same day everyone would be using an electronic device to get their news, read books and store their music.

So what were the barriers…
– Palm too small, I was content, but many colleagues were surprised I was able to use it to read books.
– Power, I had to recharge every day.
– Connectivity, the Palm had to connect to a PC to be updated (a modem was released later, which improved things, but not much).

Some thinking later…
– A5 sized device with a screen that goes to within 1cm of the edge.
– Gatefold has screen on one side and battery on the other. Battery side also has Solar Power cells to recharge battery on the go or when not in use.
– Data capture for device works in same way as Palm, using software keyboard and script style writing.
– WiFi enabled to connect to local access points. (Since then SIM card technology has moved on, but still don’t see this being the answer in the future).
I did a drawing at that time but have lost it since.

How do they connect? That’s the thing that makes it – WiFi enable all public transport and place access points into every other street lamp post. This would mean that the majority of the population on the move would have access to the internet. This would allow them to receive their favourite periodical or enjoy that book they found online or listen to the news on internet radio.


Additional features on device (initial design).
– Skin sensitive pads on edge to enable body electricity to switch on/off device. So that when using in bed it switches off when reader falls asleep and ‘book’ drops from hand.

Additional features (since then).
– Colour e-ink monitor.




Too many memory cards?

My first SD Card had storage for 256Kb and since then I purchased a number of others with growing capacity.

So what to do with the old ones? What I needed was a device that I could use to plug them all in and then used the total capacity as a single drive.

Quanry! The Storage Tray.